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If you’re eating nuts, seeds, and grains; you need to soak them!

The reason why you need to soak nuts, seeds, and grains is because these food have digestive enzyme inhibitors. Digestive enzyme inhibitors stops your digestive enzymes from breaking food down - which means, they are hard to digest!

In nature, all nuts, seeds, and grains are supposed to pass through an animal's digestive system, undigested; then they’ll come out covered in poop a.k.a. “fertilizer”; and they can do their jobs as nuts, seeds, and grains and become trees and plants and keep the cycle of life keeps going.

What you need to do is soak these nuts, seeds and grains. When you soak them for a period of time, what that does is lowers the defense chemicals and the digestive enzyme inhibitors so you can digest them more easily.