About Us

Hey, my name is James and this is website designed to share my knowledge, experience and I'm a proud online retailer of the life changing Qenda Ultimate Fibre.

Whilst suffering with a Chronic Auto Immune Disease and Digestive Problems for 5 years, I researched and learnt a lot about the human body. I discovered the root causes of my 'illness' and I am pleased to report, that I no longer suffer or live with a Chronic Autoimmune condition or Digestive problem. I no longer consider myself to have Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis.

It may of took me 5 years of searching but I finally learned what was causing and triggering my problems; I had a build up of toxicity in my body. Did you know that heavy metals, bacterial/candida and fungal overgrowths, parasites and toxins such as fluoride accumulate in your body? I learnt that the body needs help to remove this build up and that is when I found at about Qenda Ultimate Fibre.

This amazing food gave me my life back and I can now exercise again, eat what I want and really enjoy my life again. So naturally, now this is what I do, now I have found the answers, I share this information with others and help them on there healing journey.

Please feel free to get in touch either by phone, email, messenger or text and I will be grateful to connect with you and share my experience and knowledge.

Here is a picture of me exhibiting at the London Festtival of Wellbeing in May 2019