COVID-19 Update: All Orders Are Still Being Processed and Sent Out Using Hermes Next Day Delivery Service, This Has Proven to be a lot More Reliable than Royal Mail by Only taking 1-2 Days to Arrive. Food Hygiene Practices are also being followed when Handling all Orders and Packaging.

About Us

Hey, my name is James and this is website designed to share my knowledge, experience and I'm a proud online retailer of the life changing Qenda Ultimate Fibre.

Whilst suffering with a Chronic Auto Immune Disease and Digestive Problems for 5 years, I researched and learnt a lot about the human body. I discovered the root causes of my 'illness' and I am pleased to report, that I no longer suffer or live with a Chronic Autoimmune condition or Digestive problem. I no longer consider myself to have Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis.

It may of took me 5 years of searching but I finally learned what was causing and triggering my problems; I had a build up of toxicity in my body. Did you know that heavy metals, bacterial/candida and fungal overgrowths, parasites and toxins such as fluoride accumulate in your body? I learnt that the body needs help to remove this build up and that is when I found at about Qenda Ultimate Fibre.

This amazing food gave me my life back and I can now exercise again, eat what I want and really enjoy my life again. So naturally, now this is what I do, now I have found the answers, I share this information with others and help them on there healing journey.

Please feel free to get in touch either by phone, email, messenger or text and I will be grateful to connect with you and share my experience and knowledge.

Here is a picture of me exhibiting at the London Festtival of Wellbeing in May 2019