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Since taking Ultimate Fibre my pains and IBS have subsided greatly and all but gone, which has given me my life back - which you may think a little dramatic but very true. So you could say that James and his product saved my mindset and health, it may not taste the best but it works in my opinion and needs to be persevered with for at least 3 months for the benefits to be seen. Again many many thanks to James and Ultimate Fibre.

- Nathan Hendry


Utimate Fibre just rocks. Prior to starting on it, I felt as though my brain and my bowel just weren't talking to each other. I was chronically constipated. Things like movicol and dulocolax, and even suppositories, just weren't helping me at all. Colonics offered some relief, but even that was short term. Medically, everything checked out fine, so that lot didn't really know what to do for me. I'm about 2 and a half weeks in, and I'm ever so pleased to say that I am pooing a fair amount on a daily basis. Due to the fact I'm blind, I certainly notice that what is exiting feels different on the way out, and sounds like it's all spongy or something. It's just awesome to not only be pooping again, but doing it on the daily.

- Chrystal Alexandroff


I had some Ultimate Fibre and within minutes I had an uplifting feeling and my mood changed. I am guessing that is to do with the positive effects it has on the gut. I then had a really good bowel movement the day after and felt about 10 stone lighter and very clear headed. I could go on for ages about how good this product is. If you struggle with bowel movements and are wanting to detox and repair the gut all at the same time then this is for you! I will always take this product as it has been a life changer and James' knowledge on the products is second to none and he is always happy to help!

- Richard Winter


I had months of tests and scans and the doctors has no idea what was wrong with me. I was in a real bad physical place with pain and couldn't digest any food. After 2 years of research and trying countless supplements, I eventually stumbled across James' website, gave him a call and made the biggest difference. Best I've felt in over 2 years from 8 weeks so far on Qenda! James really knows his stuff (wish I would have called him 2 years ago!)

- Kieran Cole


I have ulcerative colitis and so far the only thing that works every time I have a flare up is Qenda. None of the medication prescribed has worked for more than a week, including steroids, and the injections actually had no effect whatsoever. I am so pleased my son told me about Qenda. I give this a 100% mark.

- Bob Janes


I wanted to give a day 7 progress report as an FYI to others. This stuff is the real deal! I've tried many other products but this is by far the best. I am already feeling more alert and have less brain fog. My tummy is a bit giddy in that it's never experienced so much action/movement. I'm going to the toilet at least four or five times a day with easy release. The beauty of this stuff is seeing the benefits from the outset. I'm very grateful to have found it.

- Michelle McFarlane


I'm now in week 6 of the Qenda cleanse and for the last 4 weeks I've been completely free of Ulcerative Colitis symptoms. No blood, no pain, no brain fog and fatigue. My strength and clarity has come back, and I'm feeling the best I've felt for years (even before my diagnosis over a year ago)! So immensely grateful.

- Catherine Cornwall


Week 2 on Qenda starts tomorrow. Was a little sceptical at first. I have suffered severely with Crohn's for4 years and tried practically every medication in the book, also had surgery. After speaking to James who kindly spent over an hour on call to me going into detail about the product and has been only a message away whenever I need anything, I am in absolute shock at how different I feel only a week in! Now able to enjoy the outdoors more and spend more time with my family. I'm now looking forward to seeing how the next few months on the product turns out. Thank you again James!

- Kerri Jackson


I took Qenda before I was pregnant then again while breastfeeding at c. 5mos and was best decision I made. I've started Qenda again for maintenance and I'm still breastfeeding (13mos). I think it's helped my baby loads. I started taking it when she was struggling with pooing (she only pooed once every two weeks) and as I introduced solids she suffered with constipation. Only positive results for me and baby.

- Rachel Cook-Coulson