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Do you still drink tap water? I bet after this one week challenge, you’ll no longer drink it.

I challenge you to do one week just on bottled spring water – even when your making your cups of tea and cooking; and then after a week, you can go back to tap water (if you want to).

After all my clients had done this one week challenge, they couldn’t go back to tap water. They said it was because stunk like chlorine & swimming pool water.

If you’re still drinking tap water, it’s the fact that you’re drinking it which is why you can’t taste or smell the chlorine in it.

Then when you do the one week challenge, I guarantee you won’t drink anymore so you will choose better options like well-filtered water or spring water. The Spring water will have only naturally occurring fluoride  and then both options will not have the potential chlorine, faeces and hormones and faeces that can come in the “recycled” tapwater.

This is a great first step to help your body by minimising the toxic burden on it.

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