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Two Reasons Why I Didn't Want to Have Medications

Here’s 2 reasons why I did not want to have medications when I was healing my own autoimmune and digestive illness!

Reason 1: Medications block out symptoms from the body

A symptom is a message from the body telling you something is not right. A symptom is just inflammation showing in the body and/or its an immune response - It’s not the root cause of the illness or disease.

By reducing inflammation, you're not dealing with the whole reason why you're having inflammation in the first place. I do believe that the root cause is toxicities which I talk about in my Instagram Videos (jamescookcoulson).

Reason 2: The long list of side effects that comes with medications

They do say on there “ Side effects happen in one in a hundred or one in a thousand”. But the list of side effects on all the medications was shocking to me. The reason I believe that's the case is because they have a lot of other ingredients that didn’t need to be in there.

My belief was it was just chemical derivative of plants, why not use plants/herbs to fix the issue in the first place?


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