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Have you got an autoimmune, digestive or skin condition? Do you find that the medications don’t seem to work? Then you speak to the doctor’s and then they tell you surgery is the only way?

That’s exactly what happened to me at 22yrs old when the doctors insisted that I needed to have surgery to remove all of my large intestine and as much as my small intestines as they saw fit and replace them with a bag! All whilst having to take steroids and immunosuppressants for the rest of my life.

This was just not an option for me and I refused the medications + surgery. So the doctors gave me 50% chance of dying in the next 6 months.

And it took me 4 ½ years of: 

  • 10/10 pain,
  • looking like a crackhead,
  • 25-30 poo’s a day,
  • cutting out nearly every food,
  • shitting myself daily,
  • reading and studying everyday,
  • spending £10,000’s on supplements,
  • always filling the toilet with blood,
  • trying every therapy I could find,
  • a liquid only diet for 1.5 years 🥛 

And countless other tricks and techniques to try heal and find the answers. Now that I have found the answers: I’ve been helping people for the last 6 years. Part of that is I speak to hundreds of people every single month and a lot of these people are actually looking for alternatives - because they don’t want to have irreversible surgeries.

But in my case, I feel a lot better keeping all my organs and I have now helped a lot of  people that now feel the same.

I did it by removing the infections and  overgrowths, that was creating my issues in the first place and reversing the damage 

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