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Four things you can do every day to feel fantastic - best thing is they’re free and only takes 5 minutes!

1:  Go outside, take your shoes and socks off and put your bare feet on the ground. You're picking up the negative ions from the earth and it will help reduce inflammation in your body.


2: Get daylight in your eyes. It helps set your circadian rhythm which is also known as your sleep wake cycle.


3: Meditation or just deep belly breaths. The good news is: You can do all these at the same time – you can go outside, get daylight in your eyes, get your bare feet on the earth and focus on deep belly breathing. These will help regulate your immune system and get your body back into balance.


4: Hydrate yourself. Drink 2 pints of water in the morning as soon as you wake up because your body’s been fasting all night.


If you these 4 things in the morning it will help you feel better every single day.

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