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Zoe Sharing Her Amazing Recovery Story from Chronic Skin & Digestive Issues Thanks to Qenda

Zoe sharing her story of her amazing recovery from chronic skin and digestive issues. Zoe is only 5.5 weeks in to taking Qenda Ultimate Fibre and she is already seeing life changing results: “I've had guts issues for a long time - for like 12 year. I kept saying to the doctor it feels like there's fire in my belly. I had a lot of skin issues - acne coming out of my skin. I had a lot of mental issues, brain fog, memory loss , and was really irritated and angry all the time.

We went to an event and someone told me about what you're doing. After speaking to you, I felt like this is definitely something that I need! I quite like the fact that you don't have to change your diet that much. The issues that I was facing are reduced the more I’m on it. I'm not feeling irritated. I’m not self conscious about having spots and things on my back.

I feel like now I’m actually healing. I've got a lot to manage and if I'm not feeling good, everyone else (employees and family) is gonna suffer 😢 With Qenda, you can actually see the difference happening where as with other things you dont know whats going on cause you can’t see inside your body, so you don't know if anything is happening. I've already recommended two people to Qenda that have completely different symptoms because of the results”. Wow, thank you for sharing your story @zoexmckenna

Thank you for showing other people with skin issues, digestive issues and mental issues that there is way for them to fix themselves 💪🏻