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Trudy's story with Fibromyalgia and Qenda Ultimate Fibre

Trudy’s fibromyalgia healing journey: Firstly, Trudy no longer considers herself to have fibromyalgia! Before she started Qenda, she was "6 stone heavier, had really crippling debilitating fibromyalgia, joint pains all over the body, and she was feeling very uncomfortable with achy pains with hot fever and flu-ee like symptoms spending most her time suffering in bed."

Then around 1 month after Trudy started the Qenda, she texted me saying that she had started running again! After her 3 month cleanse with the Qenda she continued on a daily maintenance dose to keep herself feeling fantastic. Trudy did her 3 months on Qenda around 3 years ago and continued on the daily dose for some time after.

Now she has been off the Qenda for around a year, so she has just started again and is happy to share her progress with you. Please feel free to book a free phone call consultation with me, I will be happy to explain what I believe is going on in your body and give you the steps you require to get yourself feeling well again!