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Tests show JP Healed Ulcerative Colitis with Qenda Ultimate Fibre and No Meds

Tests show JP Healed Ulcerative Colitis with Qenda and no meds!! Recent blood and stool tests show that John-Paul has naturally fixed his Ulcerative colitis.

After the suffering from spending hours on the toilet having 15 painful bowel movements every day, along with the depression/brain fog/inflamed brain that comes with an inflamed gut. JP’s symptoms worsened with the medications so he had to look for an alternative method and decided to commit to the full course of Qenda.

The proof is in the pudding and JP’s stool sample’s Inflamation markers went from 2000 before Qenda Ultimate Fibre and now they are still at zero weeks after finishing the protocol. Also his blood results now show a healthy adult with normal levels, which is amazing considering how all over the place they was before!

The nurse was a blown away and said it was miracle that he could achieve this without medications!? I love sharing this story with you because this is what I do, I give people the tools and information so that they can fix their broken bodies and feel amazing again. You can do it!