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Results on Josh's Anxiety, Depression and 'IBD like' symptoms after 1 month on Qenda Ultimate Fibre

Josh was eager to share his experience after 1 month on the Qenda Ultimate Fibre so we jumped on this Skype call to share his results. Josh describes how he was in a desperate situation with his physical health and mental health.

He was suffering from blood in stools, diarrhoea, stomach cramps, so all of your common IBD and IBS symptoms...that was paired with the constant lows of anxiety and depression. This was more than enough reason for Josh to arrange a call with me to explain exactly what was going on in his body and give him an action plan.

I explained the link between an inflamed intestines and an inflamed brain and the fact that all his symptoms was actually linked. The plan was simple, start of by introducing the Qenda Ultimate Fibre into his diet and follow the protocol. This paired with the knowledge that I shared with him on the phonemail was more than enough to get him started. Josh describes that it was not all plain sailing straight away.

He followed the instructions, mixed in a protein shaker and drank it down fast. That was when he realised that the taste was indeed very bitter. This started a cascade of thoughts in his head that made it hard for him to drink, we addressed these problems in another phone call and then he was all good. But now 1 month and just over 2 tubs into the 3 month protocol, Josh feels Awesome, he said the difference is profound. Josh will be checking back next month so be sure to subscribe for the next update.

On the video, Josh recommends that "Anybody that has digestive issues, stomach problems, IBS or IBD 'like' symptoms or anxiety/depression, just get in touch (with James).