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Jag's journey with Multiple Schlerosis (MS) and Qenda Ultimate Fibre Part 1/Day 10

I am so grateful that Jag is going to document her journey with MS and the Qenda Ultimate Fibre. I firmly believe Multiple Sclerosis is caused by parasitosis, this has been proven and documented by Dr Andrew McDonald and also ties in with exactly what I have seen with my clients/customers. I believe there is a toxicity and leaky gut element to MS also.

Today is day 10 on the Qenda for Jag and she has already seen some great progress with regards to the above. I am so excited to share the start of her journey with you... Please feel free to book a free phone call consultation with me, I will be happy to explain what I believe is going on in your body and give you the steps you require to get yourself feeling well again!