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4 months ago, I seemed to have every symptom going from constipation, haemoroids, blood in stools, constant stomach cramps, brain fog, extreme tiredness, I even had to stop going to the gym because I was so tired and to try help myself heal. I didn’t want to do anything or go anywhere because of the fear of not making it to toilet!

I felt frustrated that my body was getting worse whilst the doctors was just giving me more tablets with no answers or explanation!
I needed to take matters into my own hands.
I arranged to see James and he explained what he believed was going on and he gave me some advice and a plan.
I started Qenda. I was warned it tasted really bitter at first and it wasn’t the best, but even in the first few days, my stomach had felt the most settled it had been in a long time.
After the first week I noticed I started to feel happier and started to get colour back in my face.
Then as the days and weeks went on the brain fog lifted, I got more energy. After seeing some strange things that I had definitely not eaten come out into the toilet I seemed to feel better and get my normal healthy digestion back.
At around 2 months I felt so much better mentally and generally back to my normal self! So I went down to one ‘dose’ a day for the last month.

Now I have done my 6 tub course, I will keep taking the Qenda every other day just to make sure my body never gets back into that state again.

I would highly recommend you do try the Qenda for yourself, especially if you have any form of digestion issues, brain fog, lack of energy or bloating. 3 months ago I said, “I would pay £5000 to get better” so the cost of 6 tubs was nothing in comparison. I am so glad I tried it!

- Jamie Wray