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Your lupus is created from infections and overgrowths inside your small intestines.

Everytime you eat food, the food goes down to your small intestines and ferments with the infections and overgrowths. These infections eat the nutrients from your food and dump into your intestines stuff like:

  • isopropyl alcohol
  • lactic acid
  • phenol
  • formaldehyde

These and the presence of infections, create inflammation. Instead of having tight junctions in your intestines, you get gaps in your intestinal cells. Once you have these gaps, undigested food particles can pass through into the blood.

When this happens, you have undigested food particles and other wastes & toxins in the blood circulate around your body and settle in your joints. By this time, your immune system is on red alert and releases T-killer cells that attacks the surrounding tissue. When the T-killer cells come out, it’s like dropping a bomb in the area - that’s why when you have lupus, you have joint pains.

Then, your immune system creates inflammation inside your blood and you have inflamed blood supplying your body, which is why you have tiredness and fatigue.

The last part of it is, your skin is an elimination pathway. The reason why you get rashes on your skin is because these toxins and inflammation has to come out in the body somewhere, so it’s coming out in your skin - this is why you have rashes and inflammation showing on your skin when you have lupus.

The way to resolve this is to get rid of the infections out of the intestines, heal the damaged intestinal lining and get your body back into balance.