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Why do I get looser stools and urgency to go during a cleanse?

Why do I get looser stools and urgency to go during a cleanse?

Qenda is a wholefood with herbs in there that are known to remove the parasites, heavy metals, candida and fungal overgrowths whilst also cleansing the liver, kidneys and intestinal tract. Because of this detoxification, you will see increased bowel movements and looser stools. This is a good thing, let me explain:

To understand why this happens, we must understand the role of the digestive system:

By the time that you have chewed your food in your mouth, it will of mixed with enough saliva to help it slide down your oesophagus into your stomach.

The stomach uses enzymes and acids to continue to break down the food to turn it into a liquid mush that can be processed and digested by the small intestine

By the time the indigestible materials have gone through the small intestine, 90% of the liquid and most of the nutrients have been absorbed from the food, digestive juices and drink that entered it. Then it moves into the large intestine.

Your large intestine (colon) has 3 primary functions:
1. To absorb water and electrolytes,
2. Producing and absorbing vitamins,
3. Forming and moving faeces towards the rectum.

*Most interestingly it is the trillions of bacteria in your large intestine that cultivate and absorb the vitamins*

So why do I get loose stools and occasional urgency during a cleanse and does this mean that that the product is not working for me?

This is a great sign that the product is working correctly for you.
your body is very clever, you give it the tools to cleanse and heal itself, then it will use them and start cleansing and cleaning up all that rubbish that has accumulated over the years.

When your body finally releases the toxicity that has been causing all those imbalances in your body. The last place it wants them to be is in the large intestine, where they can be reabsorbed into your system! This means the priority changes, it knows it is best to stop absorbing the remaining water and electrolytes and focuses on removing the toxicity out of the body once and for all..

Your body can be clearing out some highly opportunistic organisms and toxins that will not benefit the body in any way, that is why it tries to get it out of there as quickly as possible.
It is also why it does not prioritise absorbing the left over water and electrolytes that are potentially in their; because the risk is far greater than the reward.

You have to think we all have at least 4 elimination pathways, the waste can be eliminated through your breath, your sweat, your urine or your faeces. Would n’t you prefer it to go into the toilet?

So the first week or so is the usually the worst, and then it gradually happens less.

I know when I did my first 3 month cleanse with the Qenda, I ‘felt like I got better’ and then after a week or so “I felt like I had gone backwards”.

But then after talking with a practitioner I understood more about what was happening. I was told the reason why the cleansing seemed to come in waves, is because “the body only detoxifies as much as it can handle at once, so then it takes a day or 4 to recover then it has another big release of toxins”. This was so enlightening to hear and made a lot of sense.

It did not take a day to build up all that toxicity in your body so you cannot expect it to be totally toxin free in a day.

Or to put it another way, if your body was to totally release all toxicity in a day, it would be too much and actually not possible to survive. The body is complex. And thankfully the fibre is known to carry out that toxicity.

Cleansing takes time and a lot of energy. Your body is doing the normal day to day stuff whilst also doing a full spring clean on your system. This can make you feel a little bit more tired than usual so you will benefit from taking it a little easier and resting/sleeping more. Listen to your body, if its tired, rest, if not crack on and enjoy your life.

Just know that it is not “you going backwards’ if your bowel movements get looser again, it is your body cleansing itself and healing in ‘waves’. This is desirable and exactly what you can expect when working towards your health goals of a clean well balanced body!

Sometimes it can feel counter intuitive to take the recommended doses and you may be anxious or  scared of going onto the 2 full 2 scoop servings a day. You body will feel so much better for detoxifying… I have seen time and time again that this is the best way for you to move forwards, to get past that initial detoxification stage as quickly as possible

The magic really happens with 2 scoops 2x a day:

So if one full serving size is the perfect amount of each of the beneficial herbs for the desired results. By taking it evenly spaced twice a day, morning and evening, would you agree that you will cleanse and heal twice as fast?

I certainly feel like I am cleansing and, dare I say it, healing twice as fast on the 2 scoop serving 2x a day.

Whilst I am not recommending it, I know people that understand this and have started straight on the maximum serving suggestion of 2 scoops twice a day to get to the desired end goal faster and getting past the initial detoxification stages sooner.

So by following the recommended serving suggestion and building up to the magical 2 scoop serving 2x a day on day 8, the start of week 2, I know you will get to feel awesome faster.

The aim is to stay on the 2 scoops 2x a day until your digestion normalises to a healthy 3 bowel movements a day, this is assuming that you have 3 meals a day. Your digestive system is a tube so you want the same amount of bowel movements coming out compared to the meals that you have going in.
This is a good way to judge that you are ready to go back to just one 2 scoop serving a day.

I personally recommend to stay on the 2 scoops twice day until you digestion has normalised to 3 solid formed healthy looking bowel movements a day, this is of course ensuring that I stop seeing funky stuff coming out of me, then continue for 7 more days at 2 scoops twice a day, then back it down to the 2 scoops once a day.

What if I prefer the 2x scoops once a day?

That is cool, some peoples lifestyles and budgets only allow for that, taking 2 scoops once a day is still going to give you the desired results. It is just likely it will take you twice as long for you to get to the normalised stage described above.
If your taking a 2 scoop serving once a day after the first week, you are just slowing down the advised protocol, so it will take longer.

Most people see lasting results from 6-7 tubs so aim for that. But, I highly recommend just trying the 2 scoops twice a day for at least 2 weeks as you will see the most benefit doing it this way

So there you have it, hopefully you now understand a little bit about the digestive system and how it works. And now you will celebrate when there is a little more urgency or a less formed stools whilst cleansing.

You now know that it is a good sign that you are finally properly cleansing your body once and for all and when it starts to calm down, you know your system is cleaner and healthier than it was before. <3