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We know that H-pylori infection creates stomach ulcers but, we don't know what causes ulcers anywhere else in the body?

It seems obvious to me that when there's too much toxicities in the body, we'll end up with ulcerations. How the body deals with these toxicities is - first, it makes inflammation. Then, it turns to ulcerations and cysts to contain those toxicities.

It blows my mind that we know that H-pylori creates ulcers in the stomach but, we do not associate other infections like oral infections creating the ulcers or even a parasitic infection inside our intestines creating ulcerative colitis.

This seems obvious to me and I hope this makes sense to you because I have used this theory to help myself fix my ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease; And also help others fix their chronic autoimmune & digestive issues over the last 6 six years.