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Weed Killer “Round Up” (aka Glyphosate) is Sprayed on Your Wheat!?

Weed killer “Round Up” (aka Glyphosate) is sprayed on your wheat!?
It’s literally everywhere at the moment including our food and water supplies because of our current chemical farming methods. Glyphosate is the stuff they’re spraying on the food to make it have less moisture at the time of harvest.
There has been nearly 100,000 lawsuits because it caused cancer in so many people! The manufacturer Monsanto has paid over $10 Billion as compensation to the victims and their families. Glyphosate in particular has been proven to burn holes through your intestinal lining so it creates this leaky gut.
Farmers when they come to harvest their wheat they spray the glyphosate a week before. The non-organic wheat and some grains that you're eating have got glyphosate on them; then you have fertiliser that give the crops ‘nutrients’.
I remember seeing fertiliser that fell on some machinery and it actually corroded through and rusted the metal! We literally got weed killer and this stuff sprayed onto our food - that's a good enough reason to eat only organic grains!