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Bitter herbs actually taste more bitter when you have more toxicities in your body!

When I get my clients on a cleanse they say, “It tastes really bitter"; And I say, “That is fantastic because that shows that you need them!”.

I truly believe that the more bitter the herbs taste the more that they are going to work and help you. I believe the root cause of autoimmune and digestive issues are infections and overgrowths in your body - knocking it out of balance.

These infections and overgrowths are like having a devil on your shoulder because - the same way they can give you sugar cravings is the same way that they make bitter herbs taste more bitter. So, if you ever started on the magic powder that I recommend, and realised that it tasted very bitter - that’s fantastic because as that bitterness goes away, that shows that the toxicity are also live in your body.