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I can guarantee the damp and the mould in your house is going to be a contributing factor to your autoimmune and digestive issues.

I’ve helped so many people who have had a mould infection and suffered with chronic symptoms.

Mould accumulates in your body overtime. If you're living in a damp and mouldy house, and you've got an autoimmune condition, you really want to be sorting out that mould - because it can give you a mould infection!

Even if you do a cleanse to get rid of the mould out of your body, if you're still living in a damp and mouldy environment, you're actually going to accumulate that mould back in your body again. Then, your likely to continue with the same autoimmune symptoms caused by that mould infection.

If you're suffering with an autoimmune condition or digestive issue and you're living in a damp and mouldy home, that is definitely going to be a contributing factor.

I recommend foxing the mould infection in your house and in your body.