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Here’s why the sunshine and sea fixes your skin issues:

l know you get Vitamin D from the sunshine, but did you know Vitamin D can actually be classed as a hormone (because it works in so many different processes in the body)?

There’s been 200 studies showing the positive effects on your body. These show when you get enough Vitamin D, your body’s a lot more in balanced.

You also find that going in the sea helps with your skin condition. When you go in the sea, you’re actually grounding (connected to the earth). Grounding is when you put your bare skin on the earth there's a transfer ions from the earth to inside your body. You are absorbing negative ions from the sea and reducing your inflammation levels in your body.

That’s why the sun and sea can help with your skin condition but your skin issues come back when you're not getting them.

The way to properly reverse skin symptoms naturally is to cleanse your body. I believe this is what deals with the root causes of your skin symptoms.