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Your sugar cravings can be coming from a parasitic infection inside your guts!

I help a lot of people suffering with digestive issues like bloating that have sugar cravings. They say: “When I sort my diet out, I’ll be better”. This just isn’t true!

When you have these overgrowths like bacterial and fungal overgrowths and parasitic infections, they will not just disappear out of your body when you stop eating sugars. Of course, diet is a factor, however, once people get to the stage of having chronic digestive issues, diet alone is not going to fix you.

We need to get rid of these overgrowths and infections for 2 reasons

1.These infections / overgrowths actually give you sugar cravings
2. These infections / overgrowths eat your iron, B12, and the nutrients out of your food


So then you don't feel very well because they lower your energy. Then when you feel crap, you just want to eat crap.

What you need to do is cleanse your body, get rid of these little things that’s living inside you giving you the sugar cravings. As your body starts to feel better, you’ll naturally eat better.

Stop relying on your willpower to get rid of the sugar cravings and fix your gut health to make it easy for yourself.