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Your Irritable Bowel Syndrome "IBS" is caused by an infection and overgrowths in your small intestines.

These infections knock your digestive system out of balance and create inflammation in your intestinal lining. When you have this inflammation, you have gaps between your intestinal cells. These gaps allow undigested food particles and other wastes that should be inside your intestines to pass through into your blood. That’s why you end up with food intolerances and food reactions because these undigested food particles passing through into the blood sparks an immune response.

What you need to do:

  1. Remove the infections and overgrowths from your small intestines
  1. Reverse the damage of the intestinal lining
  1. Use specific herbs and fibre to get your elimination pathways flowing so we can take these toxins out your body

So you no longer react to foods and you can feel well again!