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Even after having a colonoscopy drink, your intestines are not fully clean. You can still have parasitic infections, fungal overgrowths, bacterial overgrowths in the lining of your small intestine.

I got a question the other day asking: “Surely after the Moviprep drink; There will be no parasites left in your system?”

Parasites can actually burrow into your intestinal lining and that is where they lay their eggs. So, when you’re doing a colonoscopy, they may not be visible on the colonoscopy test camera.

I speak to hundreds of people every month about their autoimmune or digestive issue and only a few people have actually seen parasites in their colonoscopy. Also, people have done a parasite test and it hasn’t came up the fact that they have parasites but then they’ve got all the symptoms of parasites; And then when they do my protocol, hey see these parasites coming out and an improvement in symptoms.

If you’ve done a colonoscopy, but you're still suffering autoimmune or digestive issue, Im sure you have some sort of infection that’s creating your issues.