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Your inflammatory bowel disease is caused by parasitic infection inside your intestines. There’s even a diagnosis called 'parasitic colitis'! What that means is - parasites that's causing inflammation in the colon.

Whether you've got colitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, or another form of inflammatory bowel disease,  I can assure you that you have an infection inside your intestines - knocking it out of balance & creating all your symptoms.

Did you know that parasites eat the nutrients from your food & dump their waste into your body. So, even if you've got the most alkaline, organic, clean diet in the world, they'll be dumping waste into your body - making it very acidic.

And we know that when you've got IBD, you've got a very acidic body. What we need to do is get these parasites and infections out of your body so you can get back into balance.