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Suffer From Acid Reflux? Read This!

Drinking during and after meals causes acid reflux.

Your body releases digestive enzymes to break down the food in the stomach. Ideally you will eat a meal, then let yoyr stomach do its job.

By drinking/consuming liquid after  your meal you are watering down those enzymes which are trying to break down the food, this means the stomach has to compensate with stomach acid to continue to break down the food. 

This is definitely not the best way to do it, but the body has to adapt for the circumstances you give it.


To totally remove your acid reflux symptoms, stop drinking large amounts of any liquid during or after meals. 

Wait for the food to be processed by the stomach and for it to move into the small intestine before you have that glass of water or cup of tea. 


The stomach takes 1.5 hours to fully process a normal meal, then 2 hours for a higher fat meal. 

This is 1.5-2 hours total from the last bit of food that you swallowed.


So the process is:

  1. Have your last drink 10 minutes before meals. This actually prepares your stomach for proper digestion.
  2. When eating your meal it is advised to only drink one sip at a time if needed. 
  3. Then most importantly, depending on the time it takes to digest, make sure that you do not drink anything for the next 1.5 - 2 hours, this allows the body stomach to break down the food with the enzymes that it secretes. 


An interesting point is this stopped me experiencing heartburn and acid reflux. 


*if you feel the need to drink to wash down the food, or wet your whistle, you can fix that by:

-chew your food more to allow the saliva to cover the food and do its job.

-ensure that you are adequately hydrated before you start eating

-eat more hydrating foods like fruits and vegetables 


For the 1% of people that it does not work for, studies have shown that the theiur could be a parasitic element to your symptoms.... I recommend the full Ultimate Fibre protocol

An interesting point is this stopped me experiencing heartburn and acid reflux and it has worked for all my clients.

I am sure it will work for you. Let me know how you get on :)