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I've spoken to hundreds of people that have started fasting or intermittent fasting to try and fix their autoimmune conditions.

Have you started intermittent fasting and seen a reduction in symptoms but you cannot understand why it is not fixing the problem? Fasting doesn't fix your autoimmune or digestive issues because it doesn’t remove the infections and overgrowths that are causing your symptoms. By simply fasting and not feeding these infections and overgrowths:, you are just putting them into hibernation mode.

So, your symptoms are still there to as soon as you eat food again. When the food reaches your small intestine, it ferments with the infections and overgrowths - creating inflammation in your intestine which can pass through into your blood and create inflammation all over your body. And as you know, you cannot cut out food forever since it gives you energy, nutrients, and helps your body heal.

What you need to do is to remove the underlying infections and overgrowths in your small intestine so that you can enjoy eating foods and enjoy your life again!