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The easiest way to get rid of cellulites is to cleanse your body.

Your body creates these fat cells to store toxins that they do not affect your vital organs. So, your body’s making cellulite to hold on to your toxins.

The beautiful byproduct of helping people with their autoimmune or digestive issues is that they naturally start to loose their cellulite. Before I worked with them, they had previously tried different diets, being in a calorie deficit, cardio and weightlifting for exercise. But they couldn’t figure out why they still had the cellulite!?

But once I got them on a cleanse they found that the cellulite finally started to come off their body. So, it was really easy for them to lose weight and look well again.

So from what I have seen, the easiest way to remove your cellulite, is to remove the toxins from your body.