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Does your mind start to wander when you meditate?

If you start having other thoughts, don't get discouraged and don't stop the meditation because its totally normal to have thoughts coming into your head. The whole point of meditation is to catch yourself doing that, then, when you realise you’re doing it, just go back to focusing on the breath.

My favourite meditation is to:

  1. Put your hand on your heart
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Take Deep belly breaths through the nose
  4. Focus on your heart and try to breathe into your heart

And that creates brain-heart coherence which is a fancy way of saying your body is more calm, balanced and stable. Learning to regulate your mind and your body through meditation is so important because: (1) It’s free and you can do it anywhere; and (2) It helps get your body into rest and digest mode.

So that’s really gonna help with digestion and your feelings of well-being.

Just doing a minute when you wake up in the morning and a minute before you go to bed will absolutely change your life.