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Your Crohn's Disease is created by infections and overgrowths in your digestive system.

The reason why Crohn's disease can be all over the digestive system because you've picked up either a:

Parasitic Infection
Fungal Overgrowth
Bacterial Overgrowth 
Viral Infection

It could even be a combination of those that has built up in your intestines and what’s knocking it out of balance.

When you’ve got these infections and overgrowths, they create inflammation of your intestinal lining. When you've got inflammation of your intestinal lining, undigested food particles and other waste can pass through your blood.

Then, your immune system perceives these undigested food particles as intruders so it sparks an inflammatory immune response.

Then, every time you eat that food it triggers this “autoimmune” inflammatory response so you end up with this reacting to the foods you commonly eat.