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If you’re having negative reactions to eating foods and you think you have food intolerances, the cheapest and most effective thing you can do is the elimination diet.

When you’re doing an elimination diet, you need to totally cut out that food.

Two common food allergens that I recommend cutting out straight away are:

  1. Gluten 
  2. Dairy

When you cut these out, you need to make sure that you are not having any gluten or dairy in your diet, whatsoever.

Then, when you keep a food diary you will get clear results. You can use this to track your symptoms over the next three days after, either:

  • Eating the food, or
  • Cutting that food out

When you find you are intolerant to that food, you need to totally cut that food out for 3-6 months until the antibodies have left your body. Whilst also reversing the damage to the intestinal lining that is making you react to foods in the first place.