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If you’ve got skin issues like acne, oily skin, or even eczema or psoriasis; I guarantee you’re either:

1 - constipated or not having enough bowel movements in the day time

2 - you’ve got digestive issue that is knocking your body out of balance


Both meaning the toxins have to come out of your skin. If you’re having three meals a day…Ideally, you want to be having three bowel movements a day.

If you're having less than that? Your output is not matching your input, that is one way how toxins build up in your body. Then, these toxins have to come out on your skin because your skin is an elimination pathway.

Then, if you have got an infection or overgrowth in your small intestine, they can eat the nutrients from your food. Then, they dump their waste into your body making your body very acidic.

Once again, if it’s not coming out in the toilet, it’s gonna come out on your skin.