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You cannot eat Fibre!? I have been there too! This video explains why you need Qenda Ultimate Fibre

Do you keep reacting to fibre!?... The Qenda Ultimate Fibre is your answer

I have been there, when diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease when I was 21, 7 years ago, after progressively cutting out trigger foods it soon escalated to my body not being able to handle any fibre.

The pain from eating any vegetables felt like somebody was scraping there long nails into my inflamed intestinal lining. I could feel it moving through every millimetre of my digestive system.

Fibre and vegetables was a no-go for years, I was blending up organic white semolina pasta that I imported from Italy pasta with kefir and that was my meals. I would eat it with a spoon 3x a day.

I was too scared to eat anything else because I knew it would just ruin me. That was my life right up until I found the Qenda Ultimate Fibre.

I was told to consume the Qenda and start to eat nutritious foods again.

Day 1 I put it to the test and had sweat potatoes, seabags, black peeper and broccoli, all foods that was off limits for years because they made my digestion even worse.

This meal would normally go straight through me in 15 minutes and come out undigested covered in mucus and blood.
However, my digestion had calmed considerably and the Qenda and the meal stayed in me for 6 hours!!!

It was at this point I knew that the Qenda would help and change so many lives!

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